Region Right# Type Stage Date
Espressocode Notices Test - Please Ignore
Outfitters - Guiding Services - Renewable Resources Developments Inspection 2010-01-19 Tess Farrell Tess Farrell
Development of Inuvik to Tuktoyaktuk Highway Borrow Source I401A
Aklavik ILA13IQ019 Quarrying Inspection 2013-09-27 2016-01-13 Colleen Riches Colleen Riches
Siku well C-55 - Welding steel plate
Aklavik ILA10IA005 Oil and Gas Drilling - Wellsite Close Out 2010-04-12 Cyril Jenkins Cyril Jenkins
Inuvik – Tuktoyaktuk Highway: Borrow Source I401A All-season Access Road Construction and Operation
Aklavik ILA14IF019 Roads - Public Construction Inspection 2014-08-14 2015-04-30 Colleen Riches Colleen Riches
Geological and Resource Potential of Northwest Victoria Island
Aklavik ILA09HN016 Research Projects - Land Use License Close Out 2009-07-23 Marilyn Cockney Inuvialuit Land Administration
Cabin at Bombadier Channel
Aklavik ILA10IJ003 Campsites - Residential Leases - Sport Fishing - Surveying Inspection 2010-04-07 Emily Borsy Inuvialuit Land Administration
Ikhil I-37
Aklavik ILA16IS016 Soil Testing - Geotechnical Inspection 2016-06-10 2016-09-13 Jeff Powers Hobbit Environmental Consulting
Rock Sample Collection
Aklavik ILA12IN006 Research Projects - Land Use License Close Out 2012-04-25 Bernard Guest Bernard Guest
Site Investigation of Abandoned Wellsites
Aklavik ILA10IN014 Research Projects - Land Use License Close Out 2010-07-30 Cyril Jenkins Cyril Jenkins
BAR-C Tununuk Point
Aklavik ILA15IQ009 Quarrying Inspection 2015-04-07 2015-09-30 Masten Brolsma Masten Brolsma