Region Right# Type Stage Date
Site Decommissioning – Former Husky Lakes Field Research Camp
Tuktoyaktuk ILA23TF002 Roads - Private Construction - Temporary Right of Way Inspection 2023-01-17 Heather Heather Wolczanski BluMetric Environmental Inc.
Chevron Canada Limited 2023 Summer Inspection Program for historical drilling sumps
Inuvik ILA21TS008 Soil Testing - Geotechnical Inspection 2023-04-19 Norman James (Norm) Chevron Canada Limited
South Tuktoyaktuk Feasibility Study – Geotechnical Investigation
Tuktoyaktuk ILA20TS004 Soil Testing - Geotechnical Inspection 2020-01-21 Alan R MacDonald ESG Management Consultants
2020 Tuktoyaktuk Road Elevation Project
Tuktoyaktuk ILA20TQ013 Quarrying Inspection 2020-07-06 Max Stuckey Hamlet of Tuktoyaktuk
Tuk Base Remediation
Tuktoyaktuk ILA19TS018 Soil Testing - Geotechnical Inspection 2022-11-16 Stacey Hunchak Imperial Oil Resources Limited c/o Canacre (Pauline Pangilinan)
Hamlet road and Beneficiary Gravel requirements
Tuktoyaktuk ILA19TQ017 Quarrying Inspection 2019-03-21 2019-09-30 Shawn Stuckey Hamlet Of Tuktoyaktuk Shawn Stuckey Hamlet Of Tuktoyaktuk
Ikhil I-37
Aklavik ILA16IS016 Soil Testing - Geotechnical Inspection 2016-06-10 2016-09-13 Jeff Powers Hobbit Environmental Consulting
BAR-C Tununuk Point
Aklavik ILA15IQ009 Quarrying Inspection 2015-04-07 2015-09-30 Masten Brolsma Masten Brolsma
Solid Waste Landfill
Sachs Harbour ILA14TX032 Miscellaneous - Public Lease Inspection 2014-05-20 2015-03-31 Terry Testart Terry Testart
Development of Inuvik to Tuktoyaktuk Highway Borrow Source 174
Sachs Harbour ILA14TQ024 Quarrying Inspection 2014-11-10 2016-04-15 Colleen Riches Colleen Riches